Bosch Siemens Dishwasher Captures Energy With Zeolite
by Yvan / November 15, 2010
A new dishwasher from Bosch Siemens captures moisture and heat with the mineral zeolite. More rapid drying and heat is then stored for re-use. The new line uses 30 percent less energy than the most efficient models to date.

"These dishwashers feature a special container of zeolite, a mineral with the ability to store moisture and energy. It dries the dishes after the cleaning cycle by absorbing the moisture from the air in the dishwasher's interior. During the next cleaning cycle, the zeolite is heated up and the moisture released so that it is ready for the next drying cycle. Zeolite speeds up the drying process, considerably reducing cycle times. At just 0.83 kilowatt hours per cycle, the dishwashers need 20 per cent less electricity than the most energy-efficient dishwashers to date, making dishwashers with zeolite technology the most energy-efficient in the world."

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