Little No Place by Rachel Bruya
by Harry / November 12, 2010
From Rachel Bruya, miniature paper cities in unexpected places, a combination of printmaking and photography.


The buildings I create are mere facades, delicately standing by the weight of the paper they are printed on. They have no foundations. They are constantly searching for the perfect surroundings, moving & shifting until they are comfortable."


"Gravity pulls buildings inward, other times foliage and facade become one. Structures seem to dance, contrasting their silent counterparts. I choose buildings as subject-matter because they are designed and constructed by humans, reflecting social and economic pressures."


"I am fascinated with the way in which fragments of memory develop identity of place. You may be walking down the street, unaware of the images your mind is unconsciously gathering. How will these images stitch together? By depicting a place that is not clearly real or imagined, I strive to freeze the viewer in a state of inquiry.

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