Crosstown Loft by Campos Leckie Studio
by Harry / November 9, 2010
From Campos Leckie Studio, an affordable refurbished loft "on the edge of Vancouver's 'undesirable' Lower East Side neighborhood", Crosstown.


A young couple living in Vancouver's Yaletown entertainment district gets married and decides to start a family. "Requiring more space than they can afford in Yaletown, but deliberately wanting to avoid the typical retreat to the suburbs, the couple purchases a run-down loft space a few blocks away in Crosstown - i.e. on the edge of Vancouver's 'undesirable' Lower East Side neighborhood."


"With modest means and a tight timeline (baby on the way) a former after-hours party venue was converted into a home for a growing family."


"The existing building at 550 Beatty St was Vancouver's first 'New York style open plan loft' - a 1907 warehouse that was originally retrofitted into residential open-plan lofts in 1981."



"In this new third iteration of the life of the building, the two-floor dwelling is programmed with 1000sf of living and entertaining 'public' space upstairs and 1000sf of convertible sleeping and play 'private' space downstairs."


"The lower floor plan employs a series of sliding partitions that convert the layout from a single open plan space during the day, into a two bedroom plus nursery layout at night."



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