WaTable by Alessandro Loschiavo with Michele Russo
by sabine7 / October 26, 2010
The WaTable is a collapsible dining or coffee table by Alessandro Loschiavo with Michele Russo.


The acrylic tabletop is connected by a carbon fibre tube to a translucent container that is filled with water to act as a base, which can also be used as a watering can.


From the designers:

A collapsible table that is light and easy to transport. It has an alveolar acrylic circular top and a translucent container base that acquires weight when filled with water, plus a carbon fiber tube that connects the two. Usable as a dining table for two, it can also serve as a coffee table simply by assembling the top directly to the base. It has also been conceived for areas straddling the indoor-outdoor border, whether at home (porticos, terraces and patios) or for temporary or seasonal public settings (seaside establishments, pool bars).

The dismantling happens simply by unscrewing the three elements from one another. Then, for transport or storage, the base can screw on to the underside of the top, where two clips are also to be found for attaching the tube. The taken-apart table thus assumes a new shield-like shape suitable for transporting, further facilitated by a handle on the base. This base, which can also be used as a watering can, contains the 12 litres of water needed to ensure the table's stability. (Dim.: cm 81ø x 75h).


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