Latten Shelving System by Toni Palleja and Max & Hannes Gumpp
by sabine7 / October 21, 2010
ABR's Latten Shelving System by Toni Palleja and Max Gumpp & Hannes Gumpp is made up of several Latten chairs stacked and bound into a shelving unit.


Hits of colour come from wooden posts that connect the front of the unit, attached by plastic fasteners.


Latten "is a chair with a premeditated rude design. It is made of wood strips -the meaning of Latten in German. Due to its basic appearance, it looks as if it had been constructed under certain effects of an unpredicted fit of do-it-yourself. This gives a personal touch to the chair. It does not seem an object from mass production. The cut in its structure has been reduced to the minimal expression. With no details neither corners. Just simple and rectangular shapes. Apart from sitting, the simplicity of the Latten chair allows different uses of it without being very stunning. ABR suggests to be used as a valet or as a bedside table.

On the other hand, Latten is very weight - 3 kg. It is easy to carry and can be easily piled up. The structure of the chair is made of wood strips of Pine of the North, whereas its seat is 5 mm MDF. In order to reinforce the rude aspect, the finishing of this chair has been left uncut. It has just been ground and polished."

The LSS was shown along with the Latten Chair at ZOCO, a satellite exhibition held during Valencia Disseny Week.

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