Vessel Lamps Series by Samuel Wilkinson
by Mike / October 18, 2010
From @samuelwilkinson, a series of pendant lamps that "celebrate the bulb from a different perspective." Three mouth blown glass forms cut across with individual angles were produced specifically to complement the flowing forms of the recently launched Plumen 001 bulb, which Wilkinson designed with Hulger.


"When illuminated the glass tint mutes the light without hiding the form and produces an unexpected irregular reflection that appears holographic."


"The outer wall of the Vessels is pierced by a fluid machined aluminium form which holds the bulb in the centre of the volumes. Every piece is totally unique as they are all mouth blown by eye, without a mould, by a local master craftsman."


"Of the three variations two can be either hung as a pendant or placed on a flat surface as a floor or table light. The angle cut form references the traditional type of 'impossible bottle' (ship in a bottle)."


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