Disk Mobile by Minimalux
by Harry / September 23, 2010
Minimalux have launched a collection of minimalist objects that range from a desktop "mobile" to a knife & spork set for picnics.


Disk Mobile is "a simple disc that sits on a desk, static on its side until a flick of a finger makes it effortlessly spin on a discreet hidden axis. As the disc rotates the reflective surface casts shafts of refracted, moving light around the room. Think of it as a mirror, a stress reliever, an aid for thinking or just enjoy it for its formal presence."


Conical Vase is made of borosilicate glass, metalised with layers of silver and copper then mirror polished, "the silver is sandwiched between the copper and glass, creating a seductive three-way fusion of materials."


"The Knife & Spork were created in response to a brief from Wallpaper* Magazine to design very special picnic cutlery. They have been inspired by and celebrate the forms of common laboratory spoons and the fork/spoon hybrid 'Spork'. Both utensils are completely flat and linear in profile and have an obvious harmony and formal symmetry akin to chopsticks."

+ minimalux.com


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