Outdoor Kitchen by by Nina Tolstrup
by sabine7 / September 21, 2010
Studiomama's Nina Tolstrup makes use of the good weather with an outdoor kitchen comprised of a gas cooking hob, a bucket sink, a chopping board and storage for crockery, utensils and a few food ingredients.


Water is connected from the garden hose and wastewater is collected in a watering can placed beneath the sink, so grey water can be reused. All materials are sourced from hardware stores and the boxes are made from a single sheet of ply.


http://mocoloco.com/fresh2/2010/09/21/ldf-2010-objects-with-a-void-study-o-portables-fuzz.php http://mocoloco.com/fresh2/2010/09/21/grandmas-doily-gas-station-placemats-by-visualingual.php
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