Everyday Delights: Folly by Gillian Swan
by Jaime / September 17, 2010
An essential accessory for visitors to Northern Europe, Folly has been designed for use during volcanic ashfall or in any other dusty environment.


This yellow duster brolly by Gillian Swan is part of the JJAM Curators Collective Everyday Delights show at Tent London, where designers were asked to reinvent the classic yellow duster.


Sweeping Moods by Fotis Evans

These gloves express a variety of moods: Angry / Efficient / Victorious / Creative / Confident / Festive.


Dust or Die by Sasquatch & La Mesmer

"JJAM Curators Collective challenged London based designers to reinvent the classic yellow duster in a way that we never imagined before. The project aims to use the most banal everyday object - the duster - to promote the creativity of London's contemporary design scene."


Bring Me Sunshine by Christianna Ibikunle


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