Movos 92010 Bicycle by Metaphys
by Harry / August 19, 2010
From Metaphys, a bicycle with a center pivot coil suspension system in the middle of the frame to absorb shock that "achieves a pleasant ride."


The bike also has a noise reduced braking system installed in the center axis of the rear tire and the handle bar can be easily folded to save space when stored.



"Movos paid special attention to the parts selection such as the pedal, saddle, tire, and the gear crank. The thumb operated 6-speed shifter can be easily operated, which allows the user to easily climb steep uphill. In addition to the shock absorbing suspension system, the saddle is fabricated with soft material and is also suitable for women. The tire uses 20-inch KENDA made, kontact tires. The tire is designed for riding on pavements, and offers good grip performance and silence on asphalt. The rear brake uses high performance and durable roller braking system that almost needs no maintenance at all. Also, the color selections of all the parts are coordinated according to each frame color."


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