Mood Chair by Aether and Hemera
by Harry / August 12, 2010
From Aether and Hemera, a chair that "incorporates digital driven behaviours into the product to create 'reactive furniture' - a fusion of design, user experience and time-based narrative."


"THE MOOD CHAIR is a piece of interactive furniture that changes colour in response to the colours that its sensors perceive from the environment and its users into lighting effects.

The furniture consists of translucent units, with embedded L.E.D. (light-emitting diode) light sources, sensors and software. The built environment is progressively more shaped as a scenario of events and 'mood furnishings' or 'reactive furniture' are an answer to the continuous quest for interactivity in a society where media has a growing influence on our cities and aggregation spaces."

Also from Aether and Hemera, the Heart_bit Lamp,


"THE HEART_BIT LAMP is an interactive table lamp that provides not only a functional white light but also an emotional red accent light, which triggers at the exact same rhythm of user's pulse. When you touch the sensor your pulse is transformed by the embedded software into lighting effects. People can experience their heartbeat and see their pulse represented trough 'choreographic light': it attempts to make 'visible' something 'audible'."


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