Up Close & Personal: Glue Cinderella by Kartell
by sabine7 / July 5, 2010
Having dismissed the idea of plastic shoes as trendy and uncomfortable, I happened to see a pair of Kartell's two-toned Glue Cinderellas on a well-dressed Milanese signora who was perusing the goods at Rosanna Orlandi.


Hmmm ... She didn't look the type to suffer uncomfortable shoes gladly, and the flats did look darn good on her well-kept feet. Unfortunately, the design week crowds interfered with my plan to ask her outright how they felt. But thanks to the wearer and the setting, my interest had gone from lukewarm to curious+ in about 60 seconds.


So when I had the chance to test-drive a pair, I leapt.


Soon I would be able to answer my own questions: How comfortable could plastic shoes be? How sweaty will my feet get? Will they slip and slide around? What about blisters? Would I feel like an idiot in plastic ballerinas?


The Fedex guy had the answer to my questions in his hands.


Kartell sent images of a veritable rainbow of plastic shoes: rich fall shades, summer punch, classics and ... a real-life two-toned combo of classic navy and zippy, slightly transparent silver. And waterproof, of course.


Uh-uh, they're cute. I am going to find it difficult to be completely objective. Ergh, and they are the right size.


Slipping them on, I realize they feel much softer than expected. They are a bit gappy at the sides (my wide non-princess feet deform all ballerina flats of any make), but only at times. So far, they are winning me over. Will the relationship be long-term?


Have I mentioned I am the queen of ballerina flats? I live in them. There are only two ways this Glue Cinderella test-drive can play out: either I am going to be very happy (toe cleavage, star heel and all) if they feel great all the time or really frustrated and sad if they don't. Stay tuned. It's not only about chairs anymore.

+ kartell.it


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