I Heart Downtown Case Design by Sam Abbott
by Harry / June 23, 2010
From @foc_amsterdam a series of rapid manufactured case designs for the Blackberry Bold 9700 phone.

FOC Talents is a global online network of "talented, young and pre-selected designers" that send in Computer Aided Designs every quarter, based on a prior given design brief. This quarter the brief was a case designs for the Blackberry Bold 9700 phone. Here are the four designs (of 14 submitted) which will be further developed for commercialization.


Says Sam Abbott about his I Heart Downtown design, "The Blackberry is associated with a metropolitan and multi-tasking lifestyle, just like life in a city. The I heart downtown Blackberry case is constructed from many elements of this life, complete with skyline, cars, people, graffiti and even some pigeons. Reminding us why we love life in a city."


Peter Hermans' B100 is "soo retro that it is contemporary again. Soo ugly that you will want one. Oh and the antenna may not be functional, it is retractable!"


Lionel Dean's Linguini is worn around the neck in a case that holds it upside down. "That way you just grab it and respond."

+ freedomofcreation.com


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