Babel Storage System by Thien Ta Trung
by Harry / May 28, 2010
A modular storage system with shelving units made of various materials including leather, metal, marble, wood in assorted colors and finishes. Designer Thien Ta Trung yesterday presented Babel as part of his 2010 Periphere collection launch in Montreal at Domison.


Thien Ta Trung

Thien, who with his sister My is based in Montreal, not only designs the collections but makes and sells them too, is a local phenomenon with an international reputation.

The Babel system elegantly incorporates elements from architectural and object design currents we've seen at shows this past year.


In particular the trend to modular and multifunctional furniture as well as more raw materials such as chip wood and cut stone.


Thien demonstrating the modular features of Montage, a seating and daybed system with backrests and quilted covers than can be moved and changed.

The liberal use of color is also new for Thien whose past collections used a more sober palate. Says Thien, " I wanted to have more fun and let the user decide what to do with the parts".




In one corner of the gallery was a DIY area called Roboto where visitors were welcome to assemble furniture of their own design from an assortment of parts.


A Tarantula chair, also easily customizable.



Billots seating inspired by wood logs seen in Vancouver's harbor from a plane.


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