Standard Eau de Toilette by Artek & Comme des Garçons
by sabine7 / May 4, 2010
If Finnish industrial design got together with Japanese fashion, this is what the result would smell like. Or does smell like. What with all the crossover in the design world today, it should not come as a surprise that Finnish furniture company Artek has collaborated with Japanese fashion house Comme des Garçons to produce Standard, a perfume that has nothing to do with the hotel of the same name. But you see what happens when too many design names are bandied about?


There is nothing to indicate on the packaging whether this is a fragrance for men or women, but there is certainly nothing feminine about it. The bottle feels good. A simple rectangle coated in a medium matte grey, the bottle imparts a seriousness. It is of substance. I like picking it up. I am reminded of holding a camera. The surfaces appear flat, but are not: there is the slightest hint of concavity that allows the bottle to fit snugly in my grip.


To my nose, the fragrance itself is a mix of citrusy and woody notes, with a dash of metal for good measure and a musky finish. Knowing full well how subjective it is to discuss scent, suffice it to say that this one is somewhat in line with promises of a Finnish forest, or at least the mental image of one.

Then I look up the ingredients. Standard is a blend of Finnish Labrador Tea, Twinflower Linnea Borealis, metal and rust in the base notes and fennel, ginger, lemon, musk, saffron and cedarwood in the top notes and was developed by Christian Astuguevieille, perfume creator at Comme des Garçons. A chair, this ain't.


Should furniture manufacturers be involved in the perfume world? Well, as much as fashion designers are now implicated in the design world, we suppose. The scent clings, has lasting power. And as sceptical as we may have been at first, this plain bottle is a hit. Its quiet confidence wins me over. It becomes an objet that will not be hidden away in a cupboard.


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