Fast Company: Five Sites Ready For Tablet Interaction
by Harry / February 1, 2010
RT @fastcompany Five examples of sites whose design screams for tablet interaction. MoCo Loco was among the five who "tried to push the boundaries of what a site can be by becoming more magazine-like... website designs that were somewhat ahead of their time - and that have really been screaming for the iPad all along." Thanks Cliff!

We didn't mention it when we launched the new website design in November 2009, but the MoCo redesign was in fact in anticipation of the iPad and the other tablets we new were about to be launched at CES in January. In fact we put a lot of effort into the multitouch two-finger scroll javascript in anticipation of the tablet... though we don't know yet if it's even supported on the iPad!

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To our surprise our friend Matt Spangler spotted what we trying to do a month ago and wrote about it in a post on the future of digital magazine interfaces.

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