Idea Natura Sustainable Local Food Store by CB'a
by Harry / January 28, 2010
From CB'a Design Solutions, a store featuring sustainably grown fruits and vegetables from a consortium of farms in the Piana del Sele in southern Italy.


Per CB'a, "significant barriers exist in bringing that food to urban tables. Even if a steady supply of good food is available, it can't be delivered without better distribution networks that efficiently move it to multiple outlets and consumers".


"More and more consumers favor the farmer's market which allows fresh quality products to reach them at an affordable price, bypassing the steps in the commercial distribution chain. Markets, however, are limiting for consumers who cannot manage to find the time to go there at the pre-set places and times. Idea Natura therefore decided to create a format for the direct marketing of fresh produce and processed foods coming from member companies."

CB'a Design Solutions and the farmers defined the commercial offer, the store concept, interior layout and design of the shop. The theme is objects and instruments of the rural tradition. Carts have the same shape and size of modular containers containing fresh products; the shopping baskets are wicker just as those used for the harvesting of fruit, the shopping bags being offered for sale are of natural cotton, the walls are decorated with pictures of traditional country tools and the bar stools are similar to tractor seats.


"The strength of the project is that it combines a modern commercial proposition with an offer of high quality fresh and processed products, always strictly seasonal and from the surrounding territory."

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