Swine Design for UArts Design Charrette
by Harry / October 22, 2009
A unisex jacket that provides the wearer with a visually striking way to get where they're going - no matter the means of transportation - while maintaining a safe yet friendly distance from other passengers. An 8-person team of Industrial Design and Masters Industrial Design students at the University of the Arts worked together over a 48-hour period to create the work for the annual Charrette, Swine Design. "Why not take an uncomfortable issue and create a social dialogue? Step into a new line of clothing and accessories that address your desire to maintain personal space and everyone's need to stay healthy this flu season. Made in Philadelphia from Eco-fi felt, a high-quality polyester fiber made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, our wearables send a distinct message to others that says, "I'm under the weather and you may not want to get too close to me right now..."


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