Arik Levy at Fruit & Flowers
by Harry / October 14, 2009
Arik Levy will be showing his chain link Rock Grid table at the Rove Gallery Fruit & Flowers show later this month. Work by Zaha Hadid, Based Upon, Max Lamb, Mathias Bengtsson, Tom Dixon and others will be there too. The recession is signaling a return to "fruit and flowers" in art galleries, more cautious fare that won't provoke. "Though there won't literally be much in this exhibit in the order of fruit and flowers, still lives or figurative art, there will be a return to quality and value in art and design." The show opens October 15th and runs through December 23rd.

Fruit & Flowers
at the Rove Gallery
until December 23rd 2009

Lincoln House 33-34 Hoxton Square
London N1 6NN
+44(0)7979 408 914

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