Chrysanthemum Explosion by Lisa White for Jean Marc Gady
by Harry / October 8, 2009
Chrysanthemums burst like floral ammunition from Jean Marc Gady's AMMO vases in a floral installation entitled "Chrysanthemum Explosion" by Lisa White and Gluxing for "French Cancan", an exhibition running until October 15 at Forum Diffusion in Paris.

"Vibrant hybrids with names like Energy and Vesuvio, they have taken years to design and produce by the master hybridists and growers of Holland. Historically, the chrysanthemum is a symbol of the sun and of power (the emperors, or 'sun kings', of Japan would sit on chrysanthemum-covered thrones) and the rays of these power flowers offer a stunning display of organic pyrotechnics."

Chrysanthenum explosion by Lisa White & Gluxing
for French Cancan by Jean Marc Gady
at Forum Diffusion
until October 15th 2009

55 rue Pierre Demours
75017 Paris

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