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Dirty Shelves by Adam Edwards

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Dirty Shelves can be hung on the wall up side or down, used as bookends and are made of landfill-bound plywood waste.

Story Drawer by Matthew Simpson

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Story Drawer combines RFID and an MP3 device to tell a story, artifacts are placed on the drawer to trigger the story.
Victor, who works for the Campana Brothers in Sao Paulo, gives wicker some funky novelty and modern styling.

Split Seat by Isao Takezawa

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Isao Takezawa's Split Seat is made of vegetable tanned leather which gains structural integrity when soaked in boiling water.

Tingle by Luxxbox

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Tingle, the stackable interior/exterior low seating and table series made of 100% recyclable low density polyethylene.

Words to Art by Michael Arick

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Artist Michael Arick turns words or letters into personalized art by abstracting the letters of the alphabet.

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