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For Wooden Aquarelle random colour gradients cover wood like a translucent ink.

Details: Created by designer Meike Harde, Wooden Aquarelle is a colouring technique for wooden surfaces that allows for the mass production of individually unique pieces.


Says Harde, “Provoked by the movement of pigments and water the compositions are formed by an autonomous colour-dynamic. The addition of liquid pigments on a wooden surface provokes an autonomous colour response. Random colour-gradients, soft transitions, polychrome streaks and nuances cover the wooden material like a translucent ink.”


It’s an aquarelle technique that was once used by painters August Macke and Emil Nolte.


“Only the colour palette used for the initial impulse is controllable. The colouring process runs chaotically and leaves random, dynamic patterns. Wooden Aquarelle is the result of a material study to colour wood.”


To make a Wooden Aquarelle a wooden panel is clamped onto a water-proof frame. The wood is then coloured by adding pigmented water which soaks into the wood. The tinted water evaporates within a few hours and leaves a unique structure. After drying, the coloured wood is varnished with a transparent finish.


“Further processing of the pigmented wood is optional. The method creates decorated wooden sheets which can be used in various ways such as a base material for furniture, wall panels, or floor tiles.”


Harde’s Wooden Aquarelle was applied to three furnishings. The side tables are essentially diagonally split cubes. Different heights make them nestable. They can be combined in various arrangements suggestive of mosaic.


The screen is made out of single boards. A U-shape is inserted on the top and bottom of the wood, fixed on one side but freely movable on the other. The metal part combines both connector and hinge in one part.


A square dining table is constructed nearly cut-free. The coloured wood is curved down on the edges to get a continuous decor. The table has removable legs to allow it to ship flat.



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