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Fish Stool by Tristan Cochrane


Why copy nature when the original has long since been cast? Well, the process could add value or change the meaning of the original, such as the fish that become the elements of a stool. Copy Nature is a project involving work by 11 designers that surrounds the exploration of reproduction at metal casting workshop The Beeldenstorm.

The traditional techniques of lost-wax and sand casting were the foundation for experimentation by the designers (Sayaka Yamamoto, Tristan Cochrane, Bruno Carvalho, Raw Color, Boaz Cohen, Ninna Margret Thorarinsdottir, Charlotte Dumoncel d’Argence, Julien Carretero, Seton Beggs, Tiago Sâ da Costa and Max Lipsey) who worked in tandem with the foundry’s craftsmen. These explorations were met with both success and failure, but the journey was valuable.

The results of the project organized by Max Lipsey make up an exhibition that takes place at Beeldenstorm, located in Eindhoven, from February 12 through April 11, 2010.


Fish Stool by Tristan Cochrane

Through the casting process, soft, perishable fish become sturdy aluminum elements in Fish Stool. At once an homage to the sleek form of a fish and a re-imagining of how we build objects.


Copy Copy Nature by Sayaka Yamamoto

Plastic fruits and vegetables have been cut into pieces and then fused together into new compositions, creating ‘new species’. Cast in bronze and then carefully polished, the new objects turn into small precious containers. This work explores the possible loss or mutation of the original through cycles of copies, imitation and reproduction.


Bark Table by Bark Table

The bark of a tree is captured, flattened and reproduced as a solid aluminum tabletop. The legs made of real branches re-connect the industrialized tabletop with its natural past.


Yellow and Purple by Ninna Margret Thorarinsdottir

Two high heels, Yellow and Purple combine elements of a banana and eggplant to form the heel of the shoe. Cast in bronze and highly polished. The forms are naturally beautiful on their own, but when re-spliced to the heel of a female foot, the plants take on a whole new mysterious character.


Polder Table by Seton Beggs

Polder Table is the result of an mid-flight epiphany en route to Schiphol airport. The effect of the sun reflection darting through the canals, slicing through the landscape is reproduced here as an aluminum table for the viewer to fly over.


Copy Tools by Max Lipsey

Copy Tools explores combining the aura of a hand-made tool with the quality of an industrially made one. The handles of the tools and legs of the bench were hand carved out of wood and then cast in aluminum. These reproducible but ‘hand-made’ forms can then be reattached to industrially made tools…creating an industrial-farmhouse aesthetic and a fully usable tool.


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