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Falaise Vase by Ferréol Babin

A clear blue vase is draped over the “cliffs” of Ferréol Babin‘s Falaise vase as though the water contained therein is running aground on the jagged rocks.


Details: The blown glass and concrete Falaise can be used either as a vase or a small aquarium. The piece plays on the contrasts between materials, opacity and shapes – the water contained in a bright and colorful glass pocket appears to be pouring over the jagged rocks.


The concrete rocks are mass-produced in moulds, whereas each glass part is unique and blown by CIAV glassblowers from Meisenthal, France.


Falaise will be shown at the 6th edition of Design Parade, where Villa Noailles has invited the Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design in Reims (Reims School of Art and Design) to exhibit a selection of works, the result of two workshops which took place in 2011, with blown glass as the theme.



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