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Eye-Q: A Puzzle Book for Architects, Artists

eye-q_puzzle_book_for_architects_artists.jpg Eye-Q, the Big Book of Visual Puzzles, includes Maciek Jozefowicz‘s newest puzzle invention, “Architecting”, creating 3D drawings (axonometric) from 2D drawings.


Details: The book contains a variegated collection of original puzzles, more than 200, including “Pattern Square,” “PlusMinus” and “Remembro”, visual puzzles that challenge and develop visual “Eye-Q” says Jozefowicz.


As for “Architecting”, the player is asked to create three-dimensional drawings, axonometric, from three two-dimensional drawings, a plan and two elevations (and sometimes, the process is reversed and the player has to create three two-dimensional drawings from the axonometric).


Other visual puzzles collected in the book are “Visual Sudoku,” ” Pattern Search,” “Building Blocks,” “Connect the Dots by Breaking the Line,” “Lover’s Duel,” “DeStijl Squared” and “Skritches.”


Eye-Q, Big Book of Visual Puzzles is currently funding through Kickstarter.


Source: Via MOCO Submit.

eye-q_puzzle_book_for_architects_artists_07.jpg eye-q_puzzle_book_for_architects_artists_08.jpg eye-q_puzzle_book_for_architects_artists_03.jpg eye-q_puzzle_book_for_architects_artists_10.jpg eye-q_puzzle_book_for_architects_artists_11.jpg

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