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Experimenta Vases by Giuseppe Bessero Belti

The flame becomes a flower and the fuel is water in Experimenta Vases by Giuseppe Bessero Belti.


Details: The design is derived from classic 18th and 19th century oil lamps, their parts are transformed for this reinterpretation – the lamp body for the water, the glass chimney to hold and display the flower. A ring and a series of adapters to fix the glass to the vase makes it more stable.


“During the era in which the first oil lamps were conceived, the design was aimed at adapting to the emerging industry, oriented as much as possible toward the mass market and creating an increasingly sharp distinction between industrial production and craftsmanship.” explains the designer.


“Today, on the other hand, we find ourselves in a different socio-cultural context and the aim is increasingly to create micro-markets to accommodate the need for uniqueness and the niches of new consumers.”


“The rediscovery of craftmanship as an example of work of high quality and high artistic value, and the emerging “maker”spirit fuelled by the rapid evolution of 3D printing technology require that current design evolves continually both in terms of design and content.”





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