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Endless Table by Wenchuman

wenchuman_endless.jpg From Wenchuman, a modular table made up of interlocking wood cubes with one leg each. Says the designer, “Endless simulates the idea of life in a community where every individual is interdependent with the rest. In this modular table made out of wood cubes, any part can be left alone, though they can only remain standing if they are assembled with at least two other ones.”


“The bigger the number of cubes assembled, the better the stability of the table; it is virtually limitless in size, thus the name. Endless is both art and an object of design, the more functional scope of this table is that it can grow or decrease according to the owners’ space needs or restrictions. In a simple operation of adding or subtracting cubes, it grows from a small corner table to a more prominent central piece of furniture and vice versa.”


“Endless is hand made out of solid renewable pine-wood with tepa wood legs. It has four different types of finishes: natural colored varnish, black or white lacquer and also the untouched version for more personal coatings and colors. It is a piece of furniture made for having fun reassembling and reorganizing it, while also useful for multiple purposes.”

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