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Emissaire is an invitation “to compose imaginary landscapes”.

Details: Created by Franco-Austrian design studio Celia-Hannes (with the Centre International d’Art Verrier in Meisenthal, France), Emissaire is a set of ten individual hand-blown glass elements designed for meditative play. A constructive distraction from glowing glass screens, this glass is made for creativity of a different sort.


Say the designers, “The shape, the feel and the weight of these glass objects aim to awaken the homo ludens and invite to compose imaginary landscapes. The difficulty to find a balance between the pieces make the players enter in a game that renew each time itself. Those interventions are meditative actions. By its principle Emissaire offers a break in the flowing with technologies and connectivity of our everyday lives.”

emissaire_glass_objects_celia_hannes emissaire_glass_objects_celia_hannes_02

The shapes are made with stemmed glass moulds archived at the Centre International d’Art Verrier Meisenthal in France.

emissaire_glass_objects_celia_hannes emissaire_glass_objects_celia_hannes_04

“This simplicity allows to invest in the craftsmen’s savoir-faire. They are the ones that give every piece a touch of soul.”

emissaire_glass_objects_celia_hannes emissaire_glass_objects_celia_hannes_05

See it now: Emissaire is on display at the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne, part of the Artifact #B exhibition until April 12, 2015.

Form Axo 2013 06 20 - 3

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