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Ebb, Loop and Line


British/Irish design collective UsTogether has officially launched their glass sided Ebb bathroom line plus two new designs, Loop and Line. Loop includes a freestanding bath and matching recliner as well as graphic panels on the side which allows for customization. Line is the latest addition to the range, “a solid form centred around the concept of diminishing lines, the structures of the sink and bath are not interrupted by fixtures”. All water flow mechanisms are hidden from view and are motion-activated. The forms are augmented by hidden light panels with various color options. The bath fills via a waterfall which flows down over the surface of the light panel while the sink fills with four flow options: a blade of water for washing hands, a light shower for rinsing and hot and cold jets of water for shaving or brushing teeth.


Ebb shower close up.


Ebb sink and bath combination.


Loop bath with matching recliner.


Loop close up.


Line bath and sink with hidden motion-activated flow mechanisms.

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