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Teresa writes; “Designers David Eveleigh and Melissa Evans have turned the old-school doily into something cool and modern. Nominated British Design Award 2005 best in furniture, Miscellaneous’ Doily is a laser-cut and hand-finished occasional table. Doily was hand-drawn and based on the traditional doily, resulting in an irregular pattern. The table comes in a flat package and easy assembly is required. Available in clear, smoke and black.





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3 thoughts on “Doily

Beautiful! Another creative imagining of acrylic/Lucite.

While I am enjoying the abundance of acrlyic with highly ornamental shapes/cut-outs, part of me wonders if it will all be relegated to thrift stores in a matter of years.

Although… that just means that a few years after it hits the thrift stores, it’ll crop up in antique stores, for twice the original price. So I guess it is wholly successful, in that regard.

July 6, 2006 Mickey Ichiro

Old is always new. From Joris Laarman‘s concrete baroque radiator (ca.2004) to laser cut roccocco mirrors with embedded LED lighting(ca.2005), to this lucite doily. Modern is obviously not lacking in visual history.

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