Modern Contemporary Design


“DIG: An Imagined Archeo-logism”


DIG: An Imagined Archeo-logism is an exhibition of ceramics by Sierra Pecheur, based on the artist’s belief that “history is made of skulls and bones and hearts.” During this show of about 400 pieces, the skulls and bones are sold by the pound, so Pecheur has had to keep up production in order to keep the DIG stocked. The installation has been set up to bring to mind an archeaologcal site, but the finds are not exactly typical. Pecheur explores myths and belief systems, basing her work on a combination of imagination and questioning.

Artist: Sierra Pecheur


DIG: An Imagined Archeo-logism is currently on view through April 12 at Xiem Gallery in Pasadena, California.


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