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Depot Basel X Current Obsession: Craft & Bling Bling – Fake Exhibition

For the Craft & Bling Bling – Fake show at Depot Basel 12 jewellery makers were asked to make works based on the topic of fake.


Golden Crying Cactus necklace and Golden Saguaro Cactus brooch by Mallory Weston for Depot Basel x Current Obsession

Details: The artists were invited to interpret the subject of fake from the standpoints of jewellery history, their own work mediums or contemporary art and society. The exhibition incorporates “three levels of content in one jewellery exhibition: The first level suggests a reflection of reality on screen, but it remains uncertain whether this image is real or faked. This level is visible for the public outside, passing by the windows of the exhibition space.” says co-curator Matylda Krzykowski.


Kevin Hughes for Depot Basel x Current Obsession

“The show continues its second level inside the accessible jewellery box: Several commissioned jewellery pieces by twelve international designers are on display. Here, the designers’ visions and their ideologies are represented. Each object counts as an individual opinion on contemporary jewellery and specifically as a statement on fakeness.”


“Contrary, the third level liberates jewellery from the body and from its function to decorate and to adorn. While the drawings of Cloe Floirat illustrate the topic of Fake on paper and similarly narrate from a distanced position, the works by Suska Mackert, Manfred Nisselmüller and Johanna Dahm are concerned with the physical absence of jewellery. They challenge a situation, in which the original is no longer distinguishable from the copy and thus question all forms of visible jewellery. Instead, they offer new perspectives that are not defined by classic descriptions.”


Philip Eberle for Depot Basel x Current Obsession

The invited jewellery makers are: Adam Grinovich, Barbara Schrobenhauser, Edgar Mosa, Florian Milker, Florian Weichsberger, He Jing, Julia Walter, Kevin Hughes, Mallory Weston, Philipp Eberle, Rainer Kaasik-Aaslav, Sophie Hanagarth. Work by Manfred Nisslmüller, Suska Mackert, Johanna Dahm and Cloe Floirat accompany the exhibition.

The show, a collaboration with magazine Current Obsession, opens June 17 at Depot Basel and runs through June 22, 2014.

Source: Photos by Thomas Albdorf.

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