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Delicious Storage by Mathieu Lehanneur


A cross between a padded Chanel purse and a New York hot dog stand, Delicious is a range of storage units by Mathieu Lehanneur.


The line will be on display at Tools Galerie in Paris, April 2 – May 29, as part of the Metal(s) group show.


Flat Surgery is a series of rugs for Carpenters Workshop Gallery that map out one’s living space: the brain is useful for the home office, the digestive system is suitable for any eating areas and the genitalia … well, bed or bath, depending on point of view.


The hand-blown Smoke lamp, also for Carpenters, is a useful domestic disaster on a stainless steel base and is currently on show at the Pavillon des Arts et du Design in Paris (Jardin des Tuileries) in Paris.


The Andrea living air purifier is now available in black.


The Age du Monde ceramic jars that are part of a collaboration with Issey Miyake can be made to order. Purchasers specify the place and date that they would like these age pyramids to represent.


And Les Moulures Utiles, Lehanneur’s very first range of products from 1999, are still in production. The plug-in wall extension storage units can be hidden under paint or wallpaper, a precursor to some of the storage-wallpapers we are seeing today.




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