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Dana is a lamp that plays with lines to create optical art.

Details: Inspired by artist Victor Vasarely’s “op art” (Optical Art) movement, the two movable semi-spheres of Luis Arrivillaga’s Dana lamp interact to create new works of optical art.


Says the designer, “Dana is a lamp that plays with shadow to create an optical illusion of non-objective art, giving the viewer the impression of movement, stressing the relationship between form and function within a framework of analysis and rationality, exploiting different phenomena; ambiguous figures and reversible perspective; line interference; chromatic vibration and different viewpoints and the superimposition of elements in space.”


“Two semi-spheres acts as -foreground and background- in a tense and contradictory juxtaposition. Creating two patter of lines with a single common point, in this case is the cable that holds all the system.”







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One thought on “Dana is a lamp that plays with lines to create optical art.

That’s really fantastic! I wonder how is it even possible that nobody has thought about that before..

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