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Cuttings Crystal by Martino Gamper


Italian-born, London-based designer Martino Gamper cuts to create shape for J. HILL’s Standard crystal collection.


Details: J. HILL’s Standard, a new mouth-blown, hand-cut crystal maker from Ireland, aims “to take cut crystal away from the dusty display cabinets and into a whole new area”.


Two debut collaborations, one with Dutch designers Scholten & Baijings, and the Cuttings collection by Martino Gamper, marry centuries old craft and fresh design thinking.


For Cuttings, Gamper, a natural interventionist, worked directly with the crystal, removing the material resulting in a series of three distinctive cuts that appear across a family of functional tableware.


“This series features strong, intuitive marks confidently hewn out of the surface of lead crystal. The process of making cuts in this instance is less about applied decoration and closer to sculpture, hence the series name.” says J. HILL’s Standard.


“The tactile crystal forms feel rugged and primitive in the hand; fingers naturally seek out the smooth hollows and crisp ridges of the cuts.”


“My approach to the technique for this collection is about revealing the potential of the cutting process. The glasses feature deep and expressive cuts far beyond the usual superficial and decorative surface.” adds Gamper.


The Cuttings series includes a champagne glass, a wine and beer glass and a carafe that can also be used as a vase.


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