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Curious Vase by Mianne de Vries

Creative destruction takes on a new meaning with Art Academy Utrecht graduate Mianne de Vries’ Curious Vase.

Says de Vries, “You don’t know what to expect. Are you making the right choice? If you destroy the vase to find out what’s in it, there is no turning back. Don’t you dare to take this risk, then you will always stay curious …”


The Curious Vase is composed of several vases one inside the other with variations of two to four in each.


“The only way to discover what vase is inside, is to destroy the vase. This is something against your nature to do this to a large vase like this.”


“It was a really interesting project to do. It was technically difficult to produce and each time very exciting to see it come out of the ceramic furnace.”


“The vase by itself made people curious… wondering how the vases were put together and what form was underneath.”


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