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Container System 1530 by Postfossil

Simple plywood boxes can act as shelving, a room divider or even a coffee table – all held together by a system of standard foldback clips. No tools required.


Container System 1530

Details: Designed by Daniel Gafner for Postfossil, the Container System 1530 is a series of container elements made from French sea pine plywood. The plywood’s marbled effect works well as a moire pattern, especially interesting when horizontals are contrasted with verticals.


Container System 1530

The profiled edges allow the containers to be linked by the clips.


Container System 1530

The boxes come in four formats, all based on a grid of 15 cm and 30 cm (hence the name); mix and match in any order or quantity for custom shelving. There is a base element that keeps the system farther away from dust and dirt. Set on an angle, the storage system offers a new perspective.



The Reflect chair and stool by Thomas Walde were inspired by Le Corbusier’s LC2. Made of steel piping and plywood, this set is designed to encourage reflection and meditation.



Anna Blattert’s bent wood Valet is an elegant clothes rack that folds up. Made of oiled nutwood or ash, Valet is designed to air out clothing in order to keep it from being laundered excessively, thereby saving energy.



PIC, by Christine Birkhoven, is an andesite stone tabletop set atop a trio of oak legs.

The new collection of work by the Swiss Postfossil collective was shown in Milan this April.


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