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Construct Table by Thomas Schnur and Construct Table Shelf by Samuel Treindl

construct_table_thomas_schnur.jpg Thomas Schnur‘s Construct Table, a product of cut sheet metal, leaves enough offcut to make a Construct Table Shelf by Samuel Treindl.


Details: The classic bistro table consists of a round table top and three identically constructed parts which are laser cut out of 3mm sheet metal. Afterwards the parts are fixed through spot-welding. The Construct Table Shelf by Samuel Treindl is then made with what remains after components for Thomas Schnur’s Construct Table are removed, part of Treindl’s Parasite Production collection.


“The idea of the ‘Construct Table’ is to trace the table back to its construction to subsequently rethink it through a factory. This approach leads to a table which reminds of the classic bistro table and simultaneously communicates its fabrication in sheet metal.” says Schnur.


About the Construct Table Shelf, says Treindl, “So I don’t design a shelf, I only design rules for the game of production. The objects are positive and negative visible. It is work is about the presence and absence of things and perspectives and the reversal of perspective.”


Both works have been nominated for Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

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