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Clamp Collection Jewelry by Lu-Wei Chen

Industrial adornment: Drilling Lab’s Clamp Collection unloads all superfluous embellishments while “interpreting the vitality and aesthetics of factories and machining”.


Details: Produced in a traditional factory in Taiwan, Clamp, Drilling Lab’s first collection, explores the structure of clamp in the shape of rings. Developed in two different forms, Type A is constructed of two pieces embedded with a screw, and type B is an integral conformation with an exposed screw.


The rings can be assembled or dissembled with an enclosed screw and hex key. The screw comes in three different colors, “adding the perfect finishing touch to the piece expressing the user’s individualized character” says the designer.


“Enchanted by the sturdy, straight-forward and unadorned properties of things made with traditional techniques and machining components, the designer gives no extra surface treatment and retains the casual and rugged touch in the ring collection.”


Designer: Lu-Wei Chen is the founder of Drilling Lab, based in Taipei, Taiwan. Active not only in accessory design but in a variety of creative activities, including home products, furniture and exhibition design.

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