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ChopChop Kitchen by Dirk Biotto

chopchop_kitchen_dirk_biotto.jpg A close look at kitchen tasks reveals more complexity than imagined at first sight, a potential source of problems for the elderly and disabled says industrial designer Dirk Biotto – his ChopChop Kitchen is designed to help.


Details: ChopChop’s kitchen counter is height adjustable, a perforated backplate hangs the most-used kitchen utensils to keep them visible and easy accessible, ample storage keeps more items handy.


Filling pots is made easier with an extendable hose and a slope in the sink helps for pulling out heavy objects onto the working surface.


A milled slot in the work surface serves as a stop for the slicing bread and an embedded grater makes grating easier – a drawer underneath collects the grated vegetables and fruits.


Inspired by woodworking benches; a vice for holding and securing bottles, jars, tins and a grid provides a slide-up equipped with an additional knife to handle vegetables and fruits that are hard to cut.


Source: photos by Patric Dreier.



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