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Cersaie 2012: Bologna Water Design


One of the highlights of Bologna Water Design is ‘Stone Escape’, Kengo Kuma’s installation designed in collaboration with Il Casone, Agape and Mapei featuring tubs resting in pools of water created by a layered tile landscape.

MOCO LOCO is a guest of Cersaie 2012, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings in Bologna, Italy this week. Contributing editor Ryan Heiser is there documenting the experience. Here are his pictures and notes from the 15th century Via d’Azeglio palace, better known as the Ex Ospedale die Bastardini, for the Bologna Water Design exhibition.


Kengo Kuma’s Stone Escape installation was just one of the rooms at the Ex Ospedale die Bastardini in Bologna

Bologna Water Design is modelled on the format established by Fuori Salone during Milan Design Week, a series of design events in and around the city, in this instance the city of Bologna during the Cersaie show, with the theme of water linking the events thematically.


Platek light rods fill the room and reflect in pool below in the Mirror, mirror on the wall installation by Mario Bellini Architects

For ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall’, “The space in the vast and silent half-light of one of the great rooms of the former Ex Ospedale dei Bastardini, with its sombre huge windows, is profaned by a sheet of black water: a ‘magic’ mirror which sinks into the floor with the reflected and reverse image of the entire room.” says Bologna Water Design.


Overturned umbrella lights in a stormy room, created with light, sound, and hundreds of rain strands

In the Open Project Re-Wat, water becomes Re-Wat. “A wordplay, an anagram, a reinterpretation. In a place where history has left indelible marks, an environment where the walls seem to be nicked, scratched from the time and from the weather, we have created through light and sound, the violence of a storm, a generating and destructive force.”


Re-Wat rain strands illuminated

“In a fluid and endless process, in which water is perceived as a symbol of energy and life, an everyday item, like an umbrella, is overturned, giving it a new meaning. A new object, not to protect but to contain.”


Paper sailboats stretch across the floor and up the wall


Highly polished, slightly imperfect metal boxes let plants peek through


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