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Cafe Belga Coffee Set by Marcial Ahsayane and Miriam Liebana

cafe_belga_coffee_set_marcial_ahsayane_miriam_liebana_525.jpg Recognized the world over as ambassadors of Belgium’s brewery culture, Belgium’s Duvel is the inspiration for Cafe Belga, an espresso cup and milk bottle shaped liked their iconic beer glass and bottle.


Details: The glass shaped cup can contain the volume for an espresso, espresso with milk or double espresso shot of coffee. “Its height allows the cup to be placed in some of the most common domestic coffee machines.” says Ahsayane Studio.


Production is made using 3D printed ceramics with fine ceramic powder, bound together with a binder, fired, and glazed with a lead-free, non-toxic finish. In addition to being food safe, the material is both recyclable and heat resistant.


Source: Via MOCO Submit.



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