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Boom Boom Speaker Recorder by Mathieu Lehanneur

An app that enables 3D sound expands the range of this ergonomic portable speaker.


Details: Following its initial launch in Milan in April of 2014, the Boom Boom speaker, designed by Mathieu Lehanneur for Binauric, is now also a recorder with the addition of a smartphone app.

Capturing sounds on a smartphone by means of a panoramic recording method, the speaker can replay high quality 3D sound for “sound moments as vibrant as film” says the designer.


“Previously sound recorded on a smartphone was flat and pointless. Now it is around me. It is fascinating to watch people experience Binauric 3D sound for the first time. They close their eyes, smile and let themselves go with the sound. It is an entirely new experience.


Designed like an open platform, Boom Boom will continue to propose new functionality in the future without requiring a new device to be purchased. The recording app will be available shortly on the Apple Store.


Source: Via MOCO Submit.



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