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Blind by Masakatsu Sashie


Japanese artist Masakatsu Sashie currently has a solo exhibition called Coacervate at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. The gallery provides the following description of the work, which “revolves around the belief that the coacervate is a universal model and basis for all systems and organisms, simple and complex. The term coacervate–from Latin “to assemble together or cluster”–is defined as a microscopic droplet of assorted organic lipid molecules held together by hydrophobic forces in a surrounding liquid. … Sashie’s coacervates are often depicted as orb-shaped amalgams of manmade objects suspended over cityscapes. The works in this exhibition feature landscapes that resemble landfills–comprised of towering piles of glowing televisions, vending machines, vehicles and other industrially manufactured products.”

Artist: Masakatsu Sashie


Coacervate runs through November 16, 2013 at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York.




Fake Blue

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