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Birdhouses by Jérémy Couture & Claudia Després


Designers Jérémy Couture and Claudia Després have created a village of birdhouses complete with iconic landmarks, models with special features, and a way to transform your house into a birdhouse.


1- The Church (L’église)

“A taller birdhouse with the option to insert a candle inside to recreate a church atmosphere. The roof can be opened to insert, or change, the candle.”


2- The Strip Club (Le bordel)

“Birdhouse with inviting XXX sign. A male bird place for cold winter evenings.”


3- Construction birdhouse (La construction)

“Birdhouse with Tyvek strip wall. Made for entrepreneur birds who like custom living.”


4- Camouflage (Le camouflage)

“Birdhouse with camouflage. Natural cover to prevent predators finding your home. Can also be used as hunting cache.”


5- Interior Decor (L’aménagement)

“Birdhouse for interior bird designers. Comes with white walls and wooden floor. The roof can be opened to add furniture stickers to make yourself feel at home.”


6- Ribbons (Les rubans)

“Birdhouse that comes with a carrying bag. Ribbons are attached to the birdhouse and to the bag. To hang the birdhouse you simply need to take some rocks and fill the bag. Once that’s done, throw the bag over a branch while hanging on to the birdhouse. Pull the ribbons until the birdhouse has reached a desirable height. You can now attach the bag around the tree or detach the ribbons inside the bag to make a nice knot around a lower branch. It’s a good way to prevent squirrels breaking in and there is no fixing problem against the tree.”


7- The Plant Support (Le tuteur)

“Birdhouse on top of a bird ladder. It supports your plants when they need it. Up in the air birds can live in their natural habitat without getting tired of flying. Down the ladder, they even have a garden to rest.” Hand-painted by Hugo-Pierre Fleury.


8- The keyhole (Le trou de serrure)

“Birdhouse made for voyeur birds. They get fooled when the get in front of the keyhole, where a mirror reflects their image to themselves.”


9- The Feeder (L’extrusion de bouffe)

“This bird feeder has the look of a birdhouse. In fact in the beginning it’s a bird feeder, but by eating the compressed bird food they slowly build their own habitat.”


10- The Bird Fence (La clôture d’oiseaux)

“Looking like a normal birdhouse, the Bird Fence reveals a bright fence at night. A light is placed inside the birdhouse and is lit at night. The wooden piece at the front is relatively thin at certain places, making the pattern of the fence visible. The hole becomes the moon.”


11- The Big Birdhouse (La grosse cabane)

“We see birdhouses from the outside. Now your house is the birdhouse. You have the view on your garden.” A sticker for your window.



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