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Best MoCo Objects This Week

This week’s picks:


+ 5.5 Designers at the Flight Number Ten show during the 2008 Saint-Étienne Design Biennale at designboom. More at DeTank.


+ More of Jaime Hayon’s Fantasy line of porcelain figurines for Lladró at sub-studio design blog, “The line draws on a fantastical reinterpretation of traditional Lladró themes – love, family, childhood, the circus.”.


+ Paul Timman‘s Irezumi tableware for Ink Dish, “bringing his extensive expertise in tribal and Japanese tattoo design to glass and porcelain.”. At DesignSpotter.


+ The Lista Office Award 08 winners at This first annual award is for upcoming designers, this year the theme was sheet metal.


+ Rikke Hagen‘s Pipeline glass collection, the series consists of a teapot, set of bowls, glasses, a milk jug and a decanter. Says the designer, “It’s the small variations that make the difference, for example contrasts in light and chilly colours can enhance the simplicity. Nordic style leaves you with the conscious awareness of your surroundings.”. Via David Report blog.


+ Attua Aparicio Torinos‘ cabinet with a built-in table. Via designklub.


+ Alex Bradley‘s Single Person Cooker (SPC) prototype, “Responds to the eating habits that are evolving to meet with the pace and structure of daily life, while making information available on producing nutritious healthy meals quickly and efficiently.”. Via Designlines.


+ Markéta Richterová‘s organic jewelry design for CHI-CHI at DesignEast.


+ Rick Ivey‘s vertical bookshelf made of powder-coated steel. Via TrendsNow.

+ SallyTV’s Things That Look Digital But Aren’t.

+ Designguide.TV’s Nosigner video interview, “Design’s origin is ‘sign’, but the most important part of design you cannot see, like a sign, so I created nosign”.

+‘s ContainerPLUS video interview. “Nicola Carter and Luise Vormittag who founded the multidisciplinary art and design collective Container dreamed up so many playful concepts and creations across a multitude of 2D and 3D platforms while having lots of fun, that it was only a question of time when they’d back up their dream team with more like-minded artists to have even more fun.”. Via Dezain.


+ Trek’s new District bike, “the first mainstream production bike to use a belt drive instead of a chain”. Via sub-studio design blog.

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