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Domus Web’s 68(!) Milan Design Week videos, that’s Paul Cocksedge above, is just one of seven Milan’09 picks for the week plus there are another five “non-Milan” picks – all after the jump.

This week’s picks – the Milan Design Week Edition:


+ Domus Web’s MilanoSalone09 video series, featuring Jurgen Bey, 5.5 Designers, Ikea, Jonathan Olivares, Ingo Maurer, Chris Kabel, Paul Cocksedge, the Bouroullecs and more.


+’s Milan Design Week 2009 days 1 through 6.

+ All of Core77’s coverage and videos in one place.


+ Olafur Eliasson‘s Starbrick light for Zumtobel at designboom, “the basic structure of Starbbrick is a cube on whose six surfaces additional cubes have been placed at a 45 ° angle. the additional cubes serve as connectors so that several starbricks can be con-joined.”


+ Reiko Kaneko‘s Dapple Light and Ovankul Table at designboom, “her ‘ovangkol table’ is made with legs that are cast in crystal resin” which makes the table appear to float several inches above the ground.


+ Marcus Tremonto‘s Paper light Landscapes & Plug-In Table II for Rossana Orlandi at Yatzer, “adaptable lighting systems that were inspired by somewhat primitive outdated technology that was first used to generate topographic digital landscapes”.


+ Koncern Design Studio‘s Fake it Easy Collection at DesignEast, the “collection reflects the issue of violation of copyrights in design and is intended for copying.”

And the non-Milan picks:


+ Soo Kwon’s Plus Minus Dining System at Cool Hunting, “a series of stackable bowls and plates that allow the user the option of a regular or smaller-sized portion.”


+ ToDo’s Spamghetto junk-mail wallpaper at DesignSpotter, “instead of sweeping spam under the carpet, we decided to save some junk-mail in order to turn it into a wallpaper for your house”.


+ Julia Wolf‘s Diz Decor Vinyl stickers at Design You Trust and AT Unpluggd, “Instead of trying to hide plugs and cables, the vinyl stickers … emphasize the ‘electronic chaos’.”

+ Niels Diffrient: Rethinking the way we sit down at TED Talks, “He details his quest to completely rethink the office chair starting from one fundamental data set: the human body.” Via Dezain.


+ The Institute for the Future‘s ‘future of making’ map at Core77, “exploring how the stuff of our world may be researched, invented, designed, manufactured, and distributed in the next ten years.”

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