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Become An Angel by Reda, Perez & Tjiu

become_an_angel_reda_perez_tjiu.jpg For Milan’s Light Exhibition Design (LED) festival three groups of Interior Design Master students from the Scuola Politecnica di Design lit up the city.

Above, an installation called Diventa un angelo, “Four swings, featuring wings on each rope, invite everybody to have fun, generate energy and lighten his own wings, to fly for a few minutes and leave the stress behind.”


Mettiti in luce by Luca Carretta, Maria Cristina Cerina and Dimitra Pavlidou

“Light up yourself” is an interactive installation, a seesaw equipped with lights on both ends, “Every time one end of the seesaw touches the ground, it activates a switch lightening the opposite end of the seesaw. Mettiti in luce wishes to involve passers by, make them stop, play and reflect on the fact that one person’s action influences the other, creating and transmitting energy. The seesaw, as interpreted in the “Mettiti in luce” installation becomes a metaphor for relation, socializing, interaction between people.”


Accendi il tuo naviglio by Ekaterina Vasilnko, Ernesto Sempere Garcia, Alvaro Insua Castro

“Switch” was a light installation fitted onto one of the most important bridges of Naviglio Grande, “the most ancient canal in Milan marking the town’s history, Accendi il tuo Naviglio enlightens the architecture with colours and shades. Through a sliding handle the passers-by can choose the colour of the bridge and the intensity of reverberation on the water beneath.”


Photos: Martina Bernardi

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