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BeaMalevich: Build Your Own Architecton


BeaMalevich is a construction game inspired by the architectons of Kazimir Malevich, the 20th century Russian avantgarde artist. Malevich was the creator of Suprematism, an art movement focused on fundamental geometric forms. BeaMalevich allows you to “be a Malevich” and create your own architectons…


From BeaMalevich:

When Malevich created Suprematism, he was looking for an art beyond reality, a non-objective visual world, beyond anything seen before an going further any previous art movement. It is focused on basic geometrical forms (in particular, the square and circle) When Kasimir Malevich invented Suprematism in 1915 he was already an established painter. In his book The Non-Objective World, published abroad as a Bauhaus Book in 1927, Malevich described the inspiration which brought about the powerful image of the black square on a white background: ‘I felt only night within

me and it was then that I conceived the new art, which I called Suprematism’. Architectons followed as an architectural development of Suprematism: “Consciousness has surmounted surface and has advanced to the art of spatial design”. Our construction game wants to be a humble tribute to Malevich and his architectons

This Architecton is a construction game Inspired by the Alpha architecton of Kazimir Malevich. The idea is that you play being Malevich and create your own one. It is ideal for art lovers and architects, and people who like design and aesthetic as a part of their lives. We have now two presentations, Alpha C3 and Alpha C4.




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