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Ask A Random Pal About Furniture


MoCo correspondent Sally Kuchar is always fun to have on board. Her discerning eye and frank take on all things design make this San Francisco native someone to watch. And watch her you can – on sallyTV, a blog that is a vibrant mix of personality and perception. One of our favorite features is the recent introduction of “Ask a Random Pal About Furniture” where Sally chats with a non-design friend about a few selections from a given category. It is irreverent, truly refreshing, and downright funny. We chose a couple of typical observations to get the ball rolling:

On the Silence Rug by Permafrost:

“… I could go fetal on that”

On Roly glasses by Crate & Barrel:

“you like glasses to stay flat and not mock your physics”

On Campari Light by Raffaele Celentano:

“at minimum I better be able to consume said lamp”

And those are just her guests …


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